Updates as of June 06, 2020

In by GermanGonzalez

BVTC is run by volunteers who give their own time and effort in organizing and maintaining our community tennis club. The COVID 19 pandemic has raised several serious issues for BVTC. These include but are not limited to:

–       Stringent requirements by the City of Toronto for the upkeep and management of the courts during the pandemic. (see Guidelines)
–       These requirements clearly demand full-time attendants to ensure that these requirements are met on a daily basis
–       This is compounded by the absence of a Clubhouse Director i.e., management, supervision and hiring of attendants.
–       The legal liability for the volunteers serving as the Board of Directors and BVTC members
–       The hands-off approach of the City of Toronto in assisting in the management of community tennis clubs during the pandemic.

It is with deep regret that the Board of Directors has decided to decline the 2020 Seasonal Tennis Permit. As it stands now the City may assume management of the BVCT courts and allow the courts to be available for public access throughout the week.

It should also be noted that other clubs in the area have made a similar decision to decline the permit while others have decided to open their club anyway. Should conditions and City support change over the coming weeks the BVTC Board will reconsider this decision. In the meantime, we will endeavour to keep you informed in the coming weeks.

Stay safe and of good health,
BVTC Board of Directors