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We’re excited to announce that our tennis season at Bayview Village Tennis Club will resume on May 22nd at 12:00 pm. We received a notification from NYTA that the City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR) is working overtime to open all tennis facilities.

Please note that, per Premier Doug Ford's announcement, there will be no coaching for adults/junior programs for the next three weeks until June 12th.

We are asking for volunteers who can come at 10:00 am to help getting the nets up and to clean the courts. The more the merrier and faster we will get it done!!!

The club will re-open, using the online booking system we implemented last year.

Singles and doubles play is currently allowed, as long as you are following all safety protocols and remaining at least 6 feet apart. Please ensure you are familiar with all the Covid protocols posted on our site and when booking a court, as they will be enforced.

Now that you know the tennis club is open and that you will be able to play, it is important to announce that new Guidelines for Tennis Community Clubs during COVID-19 have been published by the City of Toronto.

We want to highlight the City of Toronto requests that each tennis player should self-screen on the Ontario Ministry of Health website before arrival at Community Tennis Clubs to “limit the introduction of infection” and reduce the risk of respiratory infections, including COVID-19.

A reminder to not abuse the booking system. If you are playing doubles, all 4 members are required to be registered. As well, you cannot use the name/account of another member to sign up, regardless of whether or not that member is using their alloted time. Each member is entitled to 2 hours of pre-booked court time, whether playing singles or doubles, and, the member that is signed up, must be the member that is playing. Given the high voulme of membership this year, the Executive team will be monitoring fair play, and members that see abuse of the booking system are encouraged to reach out the Executive team to report any abuse. Anyone caught abusing the system is subject to having their membership revoked without refund.

Last but not least, a reminder that we are are a community tennis club, run by volunteers, and working to provide a great environment for our members. Please be kind to all of our Directors and your fellow members. We have a strict policy on abuse/harassment and it will not be tolerated. Your membership will be revoked, without any refund, if you abuse or harass any member/Director. Our dedicated volunteer team gives countless hours of their time to put everything in place to allow you to play at Bayview. Please show them the love and respect they deserve.

The BVTC Exec Team