BVTC Updates – July 24, 2021

In by GermanGonzalez

Hello BVTC Members:

We know, it's been a while since you last heard from us. We miss you too!

Now that things are finally opening up again, you'll be hearing more from us. We have already brought back a few clubhouse managers, to reopen the clubhouse during prime times, keep it clean, and monitor court usage.

Next, we will discuss bringing back some socials and round robins.
We'll let you know when these get going again. Stay tuned!

For the time being, we have an important topic to and abuse of courts.

The 2021 season has been a fantastic year for BVTC. We now have over 500 members and are no longer accepting adult memberships. We have built such an awesome tennis loving community.

As you are no doubt aware, courts are booked solid at least a few days in advance. That’s why it is so frustrating to see a court booked yet no one shows up to use it. We are asking all members to CANCEL THE BOOKING if they know they are unable to use the court. That way we will ensure that there is a maximum number of courts available for use at all times, and everyone can get their fair share of court time.

If you are booked and can no longer make it, it takes but a minute to cancel the booking. Simply click on your name in the booking and select "cancel." Please be nice, respect your fellow members, and ensure that you cancel your bookings with as much advanced notice as possible, to ensure that our courts are utilized as much as possible.

Our Clubhouse Managers and the entire Board of Directors will be monitoring ongoing court usage. The Board of Directors has passed a resolution to crack down on no-shows and abuse of court (booking using the name of others/booking singles but having the full intention to play doubles), as follows:

  • 1st no-show/abuse of court: initial written warning;
  • 2nd no-show/abuse of court: final written warning;
  • 3rd no-show/abuse of court: revocation of membership.

Again, please do the right thing and ensure that if you book a court, you are playing by the rules and if you can no longer make it, cancel your booking. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring fair play and usage of the club and look forward to seeing you all on the courts.

Stay tuned for more fun notices to come!

Stay safe and of good health,
BVTC Board of Directors