Updates as of May 25, 2020…

In by GermanGonzalez

On Friday, May 22 the Toronto’s Parks, Forestry & Recreation (PFR) released Guidelines that community tennis clubs need to implement before they can open. Not only are these Guidelines extensive, but they are also specific regarding numerous areas such as social distancing on the courts, type of play (singles only), daily record keeping of all members’ playing (when and who) and numerous other requirements.

The BVTC Directors have met over the weekend to address these requirements in addition to the issue of potential club liability during the COVID-19 pandemic. In consultation with the North York Tennis Association (NYTA) they have recommended that all member clubs delay opening until many of the issues in Guidelines are addressed.

With that in mind we need to delay online registration until we hear back from the NYTA. At this point, June 6 is the anticipated date of opening; however, this may change.

We can share some of the anticipated changes BVTC we will be implementing for the 2020 season. These include:

  • Adult registration $50 (June - October); Juniors $20
  • All members must abide by the City of Toronto guidelines for COVID -19
  • All group activities are cancelled for this season, including our BBQs, skills clinics, socials, round robins, house league, ladder, and inter-county games
  • There will be NO access to the BVTC clubhouse or washrooms
  • There will be NO attendants on duty
  • We are currently exploring various online booking systems that will allow us to track members play to meet the requirement for Parks & Recreation
  • Court times will be assigned in 1-hour time slots, with an effective time to play of 50-minutes, at which point you must leave the courts within the remaining 10-minutes - which is enough time, with no exceptions, to allow you to pick up your items and leave the court
  • You are NOT to arrive for your scheduled court time more than 10 minutes before your assigned time so that there is no overlap getting on/off the courts
  • Courts 1, 2, 3 will be under construction for resurfacing during the month of June (we hope for a speedy completion). Only courts 4 and 5 will be available for play during the resurfacing period
  • Please note court 6 is the Pro’s court and is reserved for lessons. Members can use when no lesson is taking place
  • Daily play will be from 8 AM to sunset (pending repair of the auto-set on the court lights)
  • Once registered there are NO REFUNDS.