Updates as of August 14, 2020

In by GermanGonzalez


Big news. We were able to get the City of Toronto to come by and fix the automatic timer this week. What does that mean? More play time under the lights. Effectively immediately, the lights will go on automatically and shut off just after 11:00 PM. That means more play time, in the cooler hours, for those that were unable to play in the heat or could not find court time.

Just a reminder to please stop playing at 11:00 PM, gather your goods, and ensure you leave the facility before the lights go off, as it gets real dark, real fast, once the lights shut off. Enjoy the extended play time!

P.S. We will be opening up the time slots on the booking portal on a weekly basis to ensure the lights continue operating properly.

Stay safe and of good health,
BVTC Board of Directors