BVTC Updates – April 1st, 2021

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We’re excited for another season at Bayview Village Tennis Club. Our permit has been issued, tennis is allowed during the shutdown, and our club will be opening on Sunday, April 18, 2021, weather permitting.

The club will open as 2020 left off, using the online booking system we implemented last year. You can begin booking courts one week in advance. Each member will be allowed 2 hours of scheduled court time, at a time.

Singles and doubles play is currently allowed, as long as you are following all safety protocols and remaining at least 6 feet apart.

We will look to add back services such as socials, attendants, the clubhouse, washrooms, and leagues if/when it is safe and makes sense to do so.

Membership numbers have greatly increased this year. With the few options there are for outdoor activities during lockdown, the incredible courts and lights at Bayview Village Tennis Club, and being one of the most welcoming and friendly clubs in the city, if you have yet to get your membership, register today. We will be looking at potentially capping membership numbers this year, so if you have to register, please do so immediately to guarantee your spot this year and into future years.

A key reminder that there are NO REFUNDS on memberships. We refunded memberships when we were unable to open the club last year, and, we would have done the same if it were the case this year, for an extended time. Now that is it confirmed that we can open, and will be opening in a few weeks, we cannot issue refunds if you reconsidering wanting to play. We all entered into the season knowing that anything was possible and we’ll have to ride any waves that come our way this year. We will continue to follow all protocols and provide a safe environment for our members. Tennis is a safe sport and one of the few things you can actively do this summer. Take advantage of it and enjoy the season!

Last but not least, a reminder that we are are a community tennis club, run by volunteers, and working to provide a great environment for our members. Please be kind to all of our Directors and your fellow members. We have a strict policy on abuse/harassment and it will not be tolerated. Your membership will be revoked, without any refund, if you abuse or harass any member/Director. Our dedicated volunteer team gives countless hours of their time to put everything in place to allow you to play at Bayview. Please show them the love and respect they deserve.


If you are returning member, you’re awesome! We look forward to having you back in 2021!

In order to register for the current season, please login using your username and password from last year. Once you login, you will be asked to confirm your all of your information, choose your membership, then pay via Paypal. Please DO NOT register as a new member, as there will be duplication in the system.

If you forgot your password, CLICK HERE to re-set your password.


If this is your first year joining BVTC, welcome to the Club! Before being able to register, you will have to set-up your account. Once you have set up your account, you can then sign into your account and complete the registration process.

We are looking for a few volunteers to help put up the nets and give a sweep of the courts on Saturday, April 17, at 11:00 AM, weather permitting. If you are able to lend a hand, please reach out to Steven at

Now that you know the tennis club is open and that you will be able to play, just an update on what is not allowed:

1. Lessons and camps. Sadly, under the current shutdown, lessons and camps are not allowed to operate. We will notify everyone immediately via our newsletter, website, and social media, when lessons/camps return.

Under the previous grey zone, camps were allowed, but lessons were not allowed. Under the previous red zone, both camps and lessons were allowed, in a controlled manner. Stay tuned as we are sure this will be changing throughout the season and we all want to get back to being able to take lessons and attend camps.

2. Under the current protocols, spectators are not allowed and there is no lingering. Only the people registered to play on a court can be on the court or in the facilities at their scheduled time. Please arrive right at the time you are scheduled to play, and, please leave the courts immediately after your scheduled time is finished. No finishing off a game/points. If you cannot finish the next game/point, don’t start it. We need to minimize any exposure between people.

3. The clubhouse and washrooms will remain closed. Please use the washroom before coming to play, please bring water with you, and please ensure you clean up and take everything with you when you leave the court.

4. Any type of competitive/league play is still not allowed. This include intercountry, house league, and round robins. This was the case last season and remains the case this season. Given the time is takes to coordinate these leagues, it is not likely they will return until next season.

The full rules of play will be posted at the club and on this website. Please continue to monitor these to ensure you are following all the necessary safety protocols. Remember: Ignorance of the rule is not a defense.

Don't forget, the more members we have, the more great services, socials, and frills we can provide, once we get back to normal. Have someone that is interested in joining? Want to show everyone your Bayview pride? Share this newsletter and refer someone that would love to get outdoors and play tennis this Spring.

Stay safe and of good health,
BVTC Board of Directors