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BVTC Annual General Meeting (AGM) is on Nov 11, 2015 at 730pm

NOTICE of AGM 2015


BVTC Court Booking Procedures for ALL – Quick Reference Guide

Footwear:   Proper Tennis shoes only.
Beverages:  Water only. Nothing else on the courts.
Etiquette:   Proper!  No yelling or making loud noises.
Court Bookings:  In person, via the Attendant only.
Length: 40-minute time slots booked one at a time.
Public Hours:  Saturday & Sunday, 4-6pm.
Public Players respect the same rules as Members do.
If the court was booked at 5:40, booking ends at 6pm.
After 6pm they are “Guests” & pay a Guest Fee.
Thank-you for your co-operation.

Carole Bonnici
Bayview Village Tennis Club